Tashkent Stadium

Largest sports facility in Uzbekistan

The stadium in Tashkent was inaugurated in 1956, offering space for 55,000 spectators on wooden benches under the open sky. It was rebuilt in September 2012 and is now the most up-to-date sports facility in Uzbekistan. It nowadays provides much more comfortable seating for 34,000 spectators, under the cover of a membrane roof which allows fantastic illuminations to be projected. Flanked by Sturm profiles.

STURM's services:

  • Delivery of bent pipes
  • Diameter: 159 mm / 323.9 mm / 508 mm
  • Wall thickness: 5 - 20 mm
  • Total weight: 500 tons
  • Bending and finishing the ends of profiles
  • Throughput time: 6 weeks