Steel and metal construction

Sometimes invisible yet still there

Steel profiles from Sturm take up loads, even if they cannot always be seen.

Sturm profiles often bear heavy loads, such as those encountered in bridges, halls, stadia, rail stations, airports and filling stations. Sturm objects are immediately visible in steel and glass architecture. Architects are quick to make use of our services, as is demonstrated by the RED Bull hangars 7+8 in Salzburg, where 700 tons of elliptically curved pipes, the longest of which 22 m, float above the heads of the visitors.

From small metal constructions to large steel structures, from 5kg to several tons, we bend profiles and sections of every size in any direction. We have developed our own bending machine, which enables us to process materials with a resistance moment of up to 10,000 cm². We maintain a stock of bending tools and machinery for the most diverse needs.


Summary of services
  • We supply components and ready-to-install sub-assemblies for small metal constructions through to large steel structures, and for use in architectural steel and glass designs.
  • We supply struts, round pipes, hollow steel profiles and much more besides.