Bending metal, and what else?

We specialise in bending techniques and maintain a modern range of machines for various bending applications. We are able to bend almost all input materials (bearing sections, angled profiles, hollow sections, rectangular pipes, square pipes, round pipes, flat steels and various other profiles) into virtually any kind of shape. 

When talking about bending techniques, we differentiate between roll bending and cambering. In roll bending, profiles are formed between rollers and sharp bends are possible. Cambering is better suited for producing gentle curves or for kinking profiles.

We produce curved segments, rings, half rings and ellipses. Multiple radii and even 3D curves are possible. Moreover, we provide a further range of services, from initial consulting through to the finished product. Drawing on our expertise in bending metals, we advise our customers at an early stage in the planning and offer customised solutions.

We have many years of experience in executing projects, whereby we not only bend metal parts, but can also undertake all other pre-processing work.