RED BULL Hangars 7 + 8

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Weightless and multifunctional

It was certainly not easy to come up with an architectural design that gives a feeling of freedom above the clouds and weightlessness in such a way that the aircraft exhibited inside do not look as if they are being held captive or waiting in line to be scrapped. Austrian architect Volkmar Burgstaller pulled off a masterstroke by creating a worthy place to house a fleet of aircraft (originally intended for the "Flying Bulls" private collection) and various associated activities. Hangar 7, opened in 2003, additionally boasts a restaurant, a bar and a lounge to cater to over 200,000 visitors each year. Whilst the visitors enjoy their free time, work is underway in Hangar 8, where the planes, helicopters and other exhibits are restored and maintained.

STURM's services:

  • Supply of elliptically curved pipes
  • Diameter: 406.4 mm / 355.6 mm
  • Wall thickness: 16 - 70 mm
  • Smallest inner radius: 1200 mm (bent cold)
  • Single lengths: up to 22 m
  • Total weight: around 700 tons