Miejski Stadium in Wroclaw

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The stadium in Wroclaw, which hosted matches during the UEFA Euro 2012, was ceremonially opened in September 2011 with a WBC heavyweight boxing match between Vitali Klitschko and Tomasz Adamek. Holding nearly 43,000 people, the stadium is covered by glass fibre mesh coated with teflon anchored by steel profiles, which can be backlit to change the colours of the external walls. Spectators are particularly impressed by the steep terraces, as these provide a perfect view of the pitch from anywhere in the stands. Whilst stadia nowadays are often named after sponsors, this large municipal arena is much more modest: it is simply called the Miejski Stadium. As an aside, Klitschko won the opening fight. He was giving his Polish opponent such a beating that the referee stopped the contest in the 10th round.