We bend profiles and sections

A warm welcome to the STURM internet site. Please have a look at the range of services we offer or feel free to browse through our list of references. Perhaps our team of specialists with profile can soon lend one of your projects the precisely executed curves that are desired.

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Offshore sector

Experience and the spirit of innovation have stood us in good stead through the past decades. We have built up a varied customer base which trusts our quality products, such as platforms for offshore rigs or forward-looking parts for the renewable energies sector.

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Profile segments

We have mastered the art of bending different end products, which must subsequently bear considerable loads. Sturm profiles in all kinds of executions are found just as much in bearing structures on a peak in the Alps as in the national stadium of Uzbekistan.

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Sturm supplies profiles to a wide range of customers in the steel processing industry. Our curved segments, rings, half rings and ellipses form integral parts of a whole or provide the required bearing capacity and framework, without which a project would not be able to stand.

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Specialists with profile

With some 50 years of experience in bending steel sections, we understand our trade and know what our customers want. We bend profiles, pipes, rectangular bars and round rods made of alloyed or unalloyed steels with a bending resistance of up to 10,000 cm². Our well-qualified workforce, our in-house tool construction facilities and a stock of technically proven machinery enable us to fulfil individual requirements on time and at a high level of quality.

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