From experience and conviction

What started as a haulage firm in 1965 has developed into a successful company specialising in bending profiles and sections. The business began with a second-hand bending machine which Karl and Alfred Sturm purchased with borrowed funds. We nowadays deploy bending machines for cold forming that we have developed ourselves and have a large inventory of tools and machinery ready to reliably produce a wide range of orders and to deliver these to schedule.

We have become one of the best known producers of bent profiles in Europe over the last 50 years or so. Our capital is a base of regular customers who are satisfied with our services and recommend these on to others. We always try to offer a complete range of services and can rely upon a dedicated workforce for this purpose. With many years of experience, our engineers have a feeling for steel and know how far they "can push" the material using a particular method. Their experience and commitment, allied to our in-house innovations, enable us to offer customers an outstanding price/performance ratio. This applies to one-off objects or mass produced parts, difficult executions, works of art or rails for transport applications.

We relish a challenge and are always eager to learn something new. Upon request, we can also bend specimen work pieces. Some of our 800 customers concerned with overground steel engineering, tank construction, heavy engineering or offshore applications make use of our extensive, specialised knowledge even when planning a project. Why not have a look at our references? These testify to our work, which extends beyond the borders of Germany and Europe throughout the world. Or simply get in touch with us.